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Beauty.Happiness.Healing LLC, created by Courtney Pack of Atlanta, Georgia, carries a collection of therapeutic handmade small batch goods, PETA certified vegan and cruelty free, including whipped shea body butters, body scrubs, and soy wax candles. All products are handmade and include an essential oil or ingredient that is beneficial for mental stability, self-love, and inner focus, while empowering and uplifting women. The product line inspiration stems from personal experiences that opened my heart and mind to focus more on self-love and self-care.


Words From Courtney:

"My journey to this brand boils down to this story...We ALL travel through life sometimes wondering WHY this, WHY me, what did I do to deserve hurt, pain, stress, disappointment; not realizing that our bodies are dying on the inside while continuing to worry about what's happening around us. Failures haunt us, denial can reverse us, and grief constantly controls us and our feelings towards others.  ALL of these feelings lead to stress, high intensity stress that can take a HUGE toll on our bodies. 

For me, I honestly felt like I lost myself after I lost my mother, a few jobs, a few friends, when I was told my grandmother was battling dementia right before entering her front door, and recently, finding out my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Now, to this day, people always ask me how I would allow myself and my body to take on so much stress. Great question, I just felt like it was naturally in me, as a woman, to overfill my plate with entrees that did not nourish nor do me any good mentally. Because at the end of the day, my plate for my inner self was always empty; I gave and gave until I couldn't give anymore, and still tried to give. But the more I thought I was Wonder Woman, the greater the stress, and this time my body reacted. You see, everybody that knows me knows that my help for people does not stop, ever.



Up to the point where I experienced the burden of major depression, I was eating well on a plant-based diet, getting back into running, and making sure I was getting plenty of rest. But soon enough, my stress prevailed and I had to come to terms with my own body. At this moment, not only was I beginning to find joy in silence and soul searching, but I also began experimenting with natural essential oils, herbs, and spices to repair and soothe my body, help me through trauma, and calm my spirit, and trust me, the earth works! These essential oils are stress relievers, anxiety fighters, and health boosters, and are included in each product. So take a deep breath, leave your worries behind, and hear me out. I am here to share this journey of happiness with all of you for inner and outer strength, comfort, healing, and self-love."

- Courtney Pack (Owner/Curator)


We hope that you take time for yourself, and use these products as an everyday treatment or a spa product to relax. Also make sure you stay updated on our upcoming self-care events and workshops!

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Beauty.Happiness.Healing LLC believes in producing handmade products that make people feel good, while also healing the world of mental poverty. 

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